Monday, March 9, 2009

Helpful Hints for Planning a Wedding in Cayman

We know planning a wedding is tough, and planning a beach ceremony requires some extra work. Because of that, we thought we would put together this list of reminders to help make sure everything goes smoothly for your special day!

Weather Essentials:
  • In general, the weather is always a major factor when planning a wedding. But this is especially important for an outdoor wedding. Keep in mind, there really isn't anything you can do about the weather, but be sure and research when the rainy and windy seasons will be when planning your ceremony.
  • Another issue you will run into exclusively when planning a shore-side wedding is having to worry about the tide. Will it be coming in or going out? Just be sure and do all of your research before the big day to make sure it is unforgettable for all the right reasons.
  • Having a wedding in the Caribbean is a dream come true for many, but don't forget that you are in a tropical local - and that means heat, especially if you are planning a summer wedding. Be sure and take into account the seasons and average temperatures for the time of year. Bring extra deodorant and baby powder to keep your cool!

Dealing with Mother Nature:
  • Time of day will play a major role in the outcome of your ceremony not only because of the temperature and tide, but because of the lighting. Photographers and videographers filming your wedding will have to shoot according to the lighting available at your ceremony, so be sure and plan ahead for lights if you will need them. Depending on the time of your wedding, you could run in to a problem with sunburns so be sure and put on plenty of sun cream if you have a daytime ceremony!
  • Nothing ruins a romantic moment like a mosquito bite... so be sure and bring bug spray for the wedding party. It may not be glamorous or smell fantastic, but it will keep you from being eaten by bugs on your wedding day.
  • The beach is not quite as sturdy and even as the wooden floor of a hall or chapel, so remember this when planning seating and the arrangement of the ceremony. Soft and uneven terrain is difficult to navigate for a bride in heels and a dress and probably will be for some of your guests, too. So plan ahead to either go barefoot or smooth the area out before hand.
  • As many beaches are public, plan ahead for what you will do to keep your ceremony from becoming a public affair.

Before and After the Ceremony - Have Fun!:
  • You've come to Cayman to have a singular experience, not just to worry about particulars for the ceremony. Take a breather for an afternoon and take in some of Cayman's world famous attractions!
*Stingray City Sandbar
*The Turtle Farm
*Pedro St. James
*Seven Mile Beach
*George Town shops and restaurants

There is so much to choose from, you're sure to find something for everyone in your wedding party to enjoy.

Even though there are many factors to consider when planning a beach wedding, you can always count on VIP to help you make it through!